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Midas Touch Jewellery Sales and Services, a sub-firm of the Divyaratna Gems and Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2006 as a small company, has now become a mammoth name in the jewellery world. Founded by Dr. Abhay Joshi, a well-known gemologist, MA, M.Phil. Ph.D. in Gemology. He took the initiative to unite jewellery designers, manufacturers, and products on one platform so that a collective benefit can be gained in this fragmented industry. Dr. Abhay is a professional jewellery designer and digital sculptor, he is also the leader, and director of the company.


We’re a life member of the Pune Saraf Association and the vocational training partners for jewellery training courses with the Maharashtra State Government. So you get well-equipped and well-trained staff for all your jewellery management needs. Additionally, you have access to over 2,30,000 jewellery designs ready for manufacturing by Midas Touch. We are a platform for jewellers with 7000+ participants already registered for all of the above services under one roof. Are you looking for more? Midas Touch is your true partner in delivering the right jewellery for your clients. Designed, manufactured, and delivered right to your doorstep!

Gems Sales

A trusted and reliable name to buy precious gems in the market is now offering you access to the most reasonably priced gems ever. Our management expanse and expertise allow us to hold precious gems in stock for you. Get gemstones as per your need delivered right to you when you need it! What’s even better? Every stone is individually tested and certified.


Whether you want to convert your jewellery designs into a real product or looking for a manufacturer for bulk production, Midas Touch Sales and Services is here for you! Take advantage of advanced technology and skilled technicians to manufacture jewellery for you in the right setting and perfectly carved designs.


Midas Touch Sales and Services has a unique position in the market to become the channel that you need for your jewellery designs and products. As a platform for jewellery artists and stores, we can play several roles concerning jewellery sales and services. Looking to cater to the international market? We can help! Want to buy in bulk? We can be the wholesaler for you! Want access to many and exquisite jewellery designs? Come to Midas Touch!


Midas Touch Sales and Services is among the only manufacturers in Pune that provides customization of jewellery designs to jewellers! If you have customers that are looking for unique designs and you don’t have the means to manufacture them, then Midas Touch is the right answer for you. Whether it is a single piece or manufacturing of bulk customized orders, you can always rely on Midas Touch.


An essential jewellery skill that is preserved by the industry as its own is the art of sculpting. Sculpting jewellery takes precision and perseverance, both of which Midas Touch can provide. We take great pride in sculpting precious jewellery pieces as per your orders and needs. We take the time to ensure that every order is sculpted to perfection.


Ensuring the authenticity of the gemstones and diamonds that you deal in, is no longer an issue. Midas Touch Sales and Services has an in-house laboratory that will not only test but also certify gemstones, diamonds, and pearls for you. All done under strict supervision and using the most advanced technology to ensure that your business is always protected.


Midas Touch Sales and Services aims to bring the latest and best in jewellery and its designing for you. Jewellery designed using CAD is not only more intricate but also fits the production templates better. When using CAD technology, you can be assured that the design can be molded easily, and the design itself looks more polished and presentable for customers. We can assist you to convert traditionally created designs to CAD or to create them using CAD from scratch.


Jewellery advertisements have to have the glamour that the design and the jewellery piece deserves. Are your advertisements doing justice to the intricately carved and sculpted jewellery pieces you sell? Midas Touch Sales and Services can help you with 2D and 3D animated advertisements for every item or your brand collectively. Why not advertise using experts in the industry who know and understand the importance of the creation of every design and jewellery item?

3D Machine

Midas Touch has taken advertisements one step up for you! How about being able to 3D print your designs to see the jewellery piece in real life? Get the 3D printing machines, which will enable you to do so in the comfort of your space. This is just another example of how keen we are to make jewellery designing, manufacturing, and sales as easy as possible!


As the Maharashtra state government’s trusted training partners on vocational jewellery courses, Midas Touch Sales and Services can provide multitudinous training opportunities for you and your staff. Our courses include everything from designing to the gemstone certification process. Read More


In the jewellery business, many-a-times, we are left with dead stock after the designs are worn out. Midas Touch can help you sell your overridden stock by finding the right customers for you. We can help you by being the point of connect between you and the potential buyers for designs that won’t sell traditionally. Looking to take a load off? Midas Touch is here for you!

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